HappyLegs Titleholders

Dogs owned and/or bred by HappyLegs that have received AKC titles:
Our first champion – Jubilee Think Tank ‘Shtarker’

CH Jubilee Think Tank Shtarker

CH Bandog Mail Order Bride Stella 

CH HappyLegs Mount Holyoke Holly

CH HappyLegs Vassar Shirley

CH HappyLegs Wellesley Banstock ZZ

CH HappyLegs Four x Four Jeep

CH HappyLegs Prince of Wails Chuckie

CH HappyLegs Hell’s Belle

CH Banstock Levi of HappyLegs

CH Banstock Prince Albert

CH HappyLegs Jeep’s Cherokee

CH HappyLegs Jeep’s Sahara Sara

CH HappyLegs Misty Blue

CH HappyLegs California Dreamer Rosie

CH HappyLegs Rolling Thunder

CH HappyLegs Cherokee’s Chief

CH HappyLegs Luke of Hartford

CH HappyLegs Levi’s Genes Genie

CH HappyLegs Bruce of Kinloch

CH HappyLegs First Lady of Darkover Glynis

CH HappyLegs Ain’t Too Proud to Beg Butkus

CH HappyLegs Hail to the Chief Doc

CH HappyLegs Cherry’s Creamsicle Frosti

CH HappyLegs CB Londer Chester

CH HappyLegs Smarter Alexis Lexi

CH HappyLegs Buster of Banstock

CH HappyLegs Tiger Lilly Banstock

CH HappyLegs Kinloch’s Miss Dot Missy

CH HappyLegs Thunder’s Storm Zach

CH HappyLegs Daze of Thunder Dazey

CH HappyLegs Jenny Be Good

CH Banstock’s Bazooka Joe Bugsy

CH HappyLegs Michigan Nightmare Mickey

CH Leatherneck Bit of HappyLegs

CH Banstock Almost HappyLegs Allie

CH HappyLegs Twenty Mule Team Norm

CH HappyLegs Full Moon Maxine

HappyLegs Lilly Belle CDX NA NAJ

CH HappyLegs No Warning Bruiser

 CH HappyLegs Fair Nichole Nikki

CH HappyLegs Kacee of Fireside

CH HappyLegs Luke’s Rambo

CH HappyLegs Chief Catherwood Woody

CH HappyLegs Rin Tin Lizzie

CH HappyLegs Chloe

CH HappyLegs Blue Christmas Bucky

CH Leatherneck Wannabe HappyLegs Samantha

CH Shady Oak Spot of HappyLegs Spotty

CH Shady Oak Bea Witching

CH Shady Oak Red Rumpole

CH HappyLegs Lucy in the Sky

CH HappyLegs Lady Victoria Vicky

CH HappyLegs Eclipse Wukie

CH Leatherneck HappyLegs Stonewall

CH Darkover Beautiful In My I’s Darla

CH Regency’s Prima of HappyLegs

CH HappyLegs Flora MacDonald

CH HappyLegs Hummer Sullivan

CH HappyLegs Tango

CH HappyLegs Ricky Don’t Lose

CH HappyLegs Morning Thunder Nala

CH Shady Oak a Tad HappyLegs

CH Shady Oak Jack’s Jill II Celeste

CH HappyLegs Wisenheimer Hymie

CH HappyLegs Harvest Moon Brew Bruno

CH HappyLegs Bonanza Hoss

CH HappyLegs Gentleman George

CH HappyLegs Oh Cohutta Cutter

CH HappyLegs Love of Lucy Lois

CH HappyLegs Knickerbocker Knicky

CH HappyLegs Life of Riley

CH HappyLegs Ultra Max Tracy

CH HappyLegs Boomerang CD Boomer

CH HappyLegs Sir Fionan Maxwell

CH HappyLegs Rumpled Bailey

CH HappyLegs Continental Kayla

CH HappyLegs Prima’s Donna Prima

CH HappyLegs Jacob’s Ladder Jake

CH Regency’s a Stitch in Time 

CH Regency’s a Bit of a King Henry

CH HappyLegs Purdue Petey

CH Leatherneck Ruby Cabernet

CH HappyLegs Winniepoo Banstock Winnie

CH HappyLegs Dynabul Jake

CH Arrowhead’s Ram Tuff Rambo

CH Regency’s Wiseguy Vinnie

CH Regency’s Gun Moll Molly

CH HappyLegs Funny Girl Babs

CH Leatherneck I Like HappyLegs Ike

CH Backdraft Bucky Badger

CH Backdraft Shadow Chaser Bailey

CH Backdraft Red Skye at Nite

CH HappyLegs General

CH HappyLegs Immaculate Franco

CH HappyLegs Better Be Good Betsy

CH HappyLegs Miss Bigglesworth Betty

CH HappyLegs Gabriel Gabe

CH HappyLegs Incredibull Brutus

CH Leatherneck Guardian Angel Anna

CH HappyLegs Hoop Dream Trey

CH Banstock Captain Jack

CH Banstock Waterborn Neesha

CH Banstock Absolutely HappyLegs Abby

CH Banstock Positively HappyLegs Polly

CH Banstock’s All That Jazz

Ch Banstock Paesano

CH Banstock Real Slim Shady

CH HappyLegs Ironman Ferrous

CH HappyLegs Walks on Waters Jessie

CH Arrowhead Talk of HappyLegs Homer

CH HappyLegs Best Boy Gaffer

CH HappyLegs Gold Dust Woman Stevie

CH HappyLegs Bossman Bubba

CH HappyLegs Tuff-e-Nuff Uma

CH HappyLegs Heads Up Natasha

CH HappyLegs Sole Man Elwood

CH Banstock Bruno of the Northeast

CH Banstock No Doubt Gwen

CH Banstock Maximum HappyLegs Max

CH Banstock Thriceasgood HappyLegs Trey

CH HappyLegs Anticipation Carly

CH HappyLegs Lilbuddy at Bronco Gilly

CH HappyLegs Positively Love Struck Lola

CH HappyLegs Heritage Classic Harley

CH HappyLegs Groundhog Day Murray

CH HappyLegs Punxsutawney Phil

CH Anthracite a Li’l HappyLegs Lily

CH Beowulf Betting on Cohutta Betty

CH HappyLegs Sole Queen Frankie

CH HappyLegs Samson of Wellington

CH HappyLegs Amazing Grace

CH HappyLegs Carly’s Simon

CH HappyLegs Incredibull Suave Rico

CH HappyLegs Piece of My Heart Joplin

CH Zephyrsong Ain’t No Mtn Hi Enuf Denali

CH Zephyrsong Concrete Blonde Kashmir

CH Zephyrsong Poet’s Heart Lyric

CH Incredibulls Destiny Gus

CH HappyLegs Amir Amit

CH HappyLegs Plays Well Lego

CH HappyLegs Moonlight Mistress Margaux

CH HappyLegs Joxebel Make It So Ryker

CH HappyLegs Maddy of Dakota Pride

CH HappyLegs Who’s Your Tiger? Grandy

CH HappyLegs Regency I Can Dream Travis

CH HappyLegs Sir Francis Knight Oscar

CH Meadowood Twilight Mistress Bella

CH HappyLegs Bartholomew Bart

CH Beowulf Jackie O HappyLegs

HappyLegs Island Breeze Keani RN BN CD RE CGC WDP-02

GCH Beowulf the Perfect Wife HappyLegs Myrna

CH HappyLegs Riot GRRRL

GCH HappyLegs Queen of Diamonds Dottie

CH HappyLegs Obi Wan Bracy

CH HappyLegs Importance of Being Ernest Ernie

CH HappyLegs MacGillicuddy Mac

Beowulf Music of the Dragons CDX PCDX BN RE CGCA TKP Karuso

CH HappyLegs Jumpin’ Jack Flash Tyson

CH HappyLegs Moves Like Jagger Micki

CH HappyLegs Grace of Diamonds

CH Banstock Highpoint the Notorious HappyLegs Ruthie

CH Rockwood Written in Rock at Zephyrsong Chisel

CH Rockwood’s Rhythm N Rock Nash

CH HappyLegs Micki’s Rooney

CH Oxford’s Clyde is on the Run

CH Oxford’s Be Still My Heart Crooner

CH HappyLegs Jack of Diamonds

GCH Oxford’s King of Diamonds Owen

GCH Diesel Cobalt Anderson

CH Rockwood’s Can’t You Hear Me Now at JAB Bianca

CH HappyLegs I Got Your Six Franco

CH HappyLegs Lord Help the Mister Elaine

CH HappyLegs Chasing Fireflyz Quyn

CH Rockwood’s Thunderstruck Hudson

CH HappyLegs Macarooney Sonny

HappyLegs Macadamia BN RN RI CD Mia

CH HappyLegs American Girl Dolly

CH HappyLegs Sugar Ray