Puppy Placement

Puppy Pile

In a guard breed such as the bullmastiff, matching the prospective owner to just the right puppy is a crucial part of the process. A good ‘fit’ is a lifetime of joy for both dog and its owner. An improper match can be tragic. Therefore, we ask a number of questions of those interested in our dogs to determine first of all, if the bullmastiff is the right breed for their particular situation, and secondly, which puppy, if any, will be the best fit for their household. This is especially important if the home includes children. If at all possible, we ask to meet with the entire family before accepting a deposit.

We evaluate the pups at seven weeks to determine temperament, as well as to decide which are to be placed as show potential puppies and which are to go as pets. We attempt to place our puppies at prices that are competitive yet affordable to the average bullmastiff buyer. [Please contact us at happylegs@provide.net for our current pricing]. We do require that show pups be shown; however, if the owner is not interested or able, we often will show the dog for them at our expense. We also occasionally have older dogs in need of good homes. We will accept a non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy once the litter is on the ground and an interview has taken place. We x-ray hips and elbows on all of our breeding stock, and place all of our pups with a health and hip guarantee.

If you are considering getting a dog from us, we request that you tell us about yourself and your household, such as where you are located, whether or not you have other dogs, a fenced in yard, whether you have children and if so, their ages. Also, we would like to know what other breeds you have owned, and what your experience has been with a large, guard breed. We ask these questions so that we can better understand the type of pup that would best suit you and your lifestyle. These and other questions are included on our questionnaire.