HappyLegs Philosophy

GCH HappyLegs Queen of Diamonds ‘Dottie’

What Makes a HappyLegs a HappyLegs?

Like all breeders, we attempt to breed to the Bullmastiff standard, the ‘blueprint’ of the breed. While interpretations of the standard vary, we prefer a compact, very square, moderate dog, one within the standard but not over it. We do not subscribe to the notion that ‘bigger is better’ or ‘more is more.’ We love a good head, but not an overdone one; we feel exaggerations in any area can lead to structural and health problems in the breed. We also place a great deal of emphasis on proportion. The Bullmastiff should be nearly square, thus we attempt to breed for a nice short back without sacrificing movement. Perhaps that which most sets HappyLegs apart from most Bullmastiff breeders is our emphasis on movement. We love a dog that covers the ground well. We explain our philosophy as breeding from ‘the rear forward,’ whereas many Bullmastiff breeders start with the head and stop. To move properly, a Bullmastiff, or any dog, must be structured properly, and that is not achieved by luck, but by understanding movement and knowing how to breed for it. We have studied and are always studying movement, not just in Bullmastiffs, but in all breeds of dogs. It’s what is important to us. It’s what makes a HappyLegs a HappyLegs.

Of course, the best movement and breed type in the world aren’t worth anything without true Bullmastiff temperament. A HappyLegs Bullmastiff is a loyal companion and dependable family guardian. He tends to be smart, but stubborn, with an independent spirit. A Golden Retriever he’s not.

Can You Be Happy With A HappyLegs?

HappyLegs is committed to producing the best pups possible in each litter. While we breed for the show ring, we do sell a limited number of pups as ‘pet quality.’ Many have asked the difference between pet and show quality. As this is a breed without disqualifying faults, there is no one fault which automatically makes a dog a ‘pet.’ All dogs have faults, yet our show dogs also have something which is outstanding. It is these outstanding qualities that make a show dog a show dog, and the lack of anything exceptional which makes a pet a pet. We are not fault finders; to us, the lack of virtues is the biggest fault of all. 

While we do not breed for color, our dogs tend to be primarily fawns, with brindles and red-fawns sometimes available. Pedigrees, puppy prices, references and photographs of sires and dams are all available upon request.