At HappyLegs, we believe that in order to continually evaluate our breeding program as well as compare our breeding stock, it is necessary to show our dogs in conformation. Showing our dogs helps us to understand what we are doing right, and more important, the ways in which we need to improve. Since finishing our first home-bred champion in 1989, HappyLegs has bred or owned over 160 champions. While the majority of our dogs spend their lives as pets, the cream of the crop make it to the show ring and contribute to our breeding program. To view the HappyLegs Bullmastiffs that have completed their championships, or other AKC titles, in the past two years, click on a name below. To see the dogs that are on their way to becoming champions, visit a show in Michigan or surrounding states.

New HappyLegs Champions & Titleholders

Ch. HappyLegs Grace of Diamonds aka "Gracie"

Ch. Banstock Highpoint the Notorious HappyLegs aka "Ruthie"

Ch. HappyLegs MacGillicuddy aka "Mac"

Ch. Oxford's Be Still My Heart aka "Crooner"

Ch. Rockwood Written in Rock at Zephyrsong aka "Chisel"

Ch. HappyLegs Micki's Rooney aka "Rooney"

Ch. Oxford's Clyde Is On the Run aka "Clyde"


Pictured: Ch. HappyLegs Mount Holyoke, aka "Holly," the very first homebred HappyLegs champion.