If you would still like more information on the Bullmastiff, breed publications are a good place to begin. While there has not been a tremendous amount of literature published on the Bullmastiff, the following suggestions should get you started.

Information & ABA Handbook
Deb DeKraker
Email: chr15ras@aol.com

The Bullmastiff Bulletin
Michele McGovern
86 Putnam Hill Road
Sutton MA 01590
Email: ababulletin@yahoo.com

The Bullmastiff Annual
Hoflin Publications
4401 Zephr Street
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

The Bullmastiff - Clifford Hubbard
Nimrod Press

The Bullmastiff: Peerless Protector - Jack Shastid & Geraldine Roach

The Mastiff and Bullmastiff Handbook - Douglas Oliff
Howell Book House, Inc.

The Bullmastiff Fancier's Manual - Bill Walkey
Coast Arts Publishing

Bullmastiffs - Mary Prescott
TFH Publications

Bullmastiffs Today - Lyn Pratt

Bullmastiffs: An Owner's Companion - Alan & Mave Rostron

Bullmastiff: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog - Juliette Cunliffe
Kennel Club Books

Bringing Up a Bullmastiff Puppy
Mona Lindau-Webb
11943 S. Holt Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90034
Email: tikiwiki@mindspring.com

Pictured: Ch. HappyLegs Walks on Waters, aka "Jessie"