Every breeder of bullmastiffs has a different philosophy about the breed and about breeding dogs. It is important that you select a breeder that you feel comfortable with, who serves as a mentor, and who has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and help you with problems for the life of your dog. There are many reputable bullmastiff breeders today as well as some whose motives are questionable. While we do not personally know all of the bullmastiff breeders, nor can we offer an honest assessment of many of them, what follows is a list of some those we are familiar with and who we feel have the best interest of the breed at heart. Not all have websites; for those who do not, we have provided an email link. We strongly recommend that you visit other Bullmastiff breeders on the web, to compare dogs and information so that you can make an intelligent, informed decision when picking a pup.

ABA Bullmastiff Breeders

Anthracite (website) Pennsylvania

Banstock (website) Connecticut

Bastion (website) Indiana

Beowulf (email) Georgia

Bo-Beck (website)

Dal Primo (website) Indiana

Highpoint (website) Massachusetts

Homestead (email) Massachusetts

Ishana (website) Michigan

Knatchbull (website) Ontario

Leatherneck (website) Indiana

Patriot (website) Florida

Shady Oak (website) Connecticut

Tauralan (email) California

Thunderboldt (email) Missouri

Tryumph (website) Pennsylvania

Waters (website) Illinois

Pictured: Ch. HappyLegs Rin Tin Lizzie.