If you feel that the Bullmastiff is the right breed for you, and that HappyLegs may be the right breeder for you, we ask that you take the time to answer the questions below. You may address them in an email sent to HappyLegs, or you can download the form below and send it via email or regular mail to HappyLegs Bullmastiffs, 6283 Hellner Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. If you have further questions about the breed, or about HappyLegs Bullmastiffs, feel free to contact us by phone at (734) 741-7326 or through email.





Type of Bullmastiff: (circle preference)

MaleqqFemaleqqNo Preference

PetqqShowqqNo Preference

Color: (circle preference) Fawn qqRed qqRed/Fawn qqBrindle qqNo Preference

1. Why do you want a Bullmastiff? Have you done any research on the breed? Explain.


2. Have you had dogs before? What breeds have you owned? What happened to them?


3. Do you presently have any pets? What are they? If you have a dog(s), what is the breed, age and sex, and is it spayed or neutered?


4. Do you work? What is the normal daily schedule of adults in your home?


5. Do you have children? What are their ages? If you do not have children but are planning on having them in the near future, will you make a commitment to continue caring for the dog once the new child arrives?


6. Do you plan on using a crate for housebreaking? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo

7. Would you like information on crate training? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo

8. Do you have a fenced in yard? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo
If no, please explain how you will be exercising your dog.


9. If you are requesting a show puppy, do you have any experience in the show ring? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo
If not, would you be willing to attend handling classes, hire a professional handler, or allow us to handle the dog for you?


10. If you are requesting a pet quality puppy, will you accept the puppy on an AKC limited registration, which means the dog cannot be shown in conformation nor can it be bred? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo

11. If you have requested a pet quality puppy and there is only a show prospect available, would you be willing to purchase a show pup and allow us to show it for you at our expense?

(circle that which applies) Yes qqNo qqNot Applicable

12. Are you willing to spend at least eight weeks of obedience training with your dog? (circle that which applies) Yes qqNo

13. In order to choose a puppy that is best suited for each situation, please tell me about your family and lifestyle (active, homebodies, travelers, animal oriented, workaholic, etc.)


14. Please share any other information about your family and your reasons for wanting a Bullmastiff that will assist us in placing one of our pups with you. It is our strongest desire that everyone (especially the Bullmastiff!) be happy with the placement and that it be a permanent one.


15. Veterinary and personal references (should relate to your experience with dogs).


Thank you for filling out the HappyLegs Questionnaire!

Pictured: Ch. HappyLegs Boomerang CD, aka "Boomer."