Luxury Retreats Guest Booking Agreement

“We chose Avis as our partner because they are committed to a first-rate customer experience and the progress they`ve made for the technically experienced traveller,” says Amr Younes, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Luxury Retreats. “We are integrating our digital platforms to ensure that Luxury Retreats` vehicle booking process is as turnkey and thin as possible for our customers.” Airbnb said Luxury Retreats would continue to operate as a stand-alone company for now, meaning customers will have to register separately for both services. When guests book their stay at Luxury Retreats, the villa specialist organizes a seamless car rental via an integrated digital information tool. Customers can opt for delivery to their location before or during their stay, and Avis offers comfortable return options for the vehicle when the rent is over. Luxury Retreats` guest specialists have a dedicated Avis support team that handles the specific wishes and needs of their guests during their stay. (b) The customer pays a stay fee equivalent to the daily rate for booking every 24 hours until departure. For $80,000 a night, 33 of your closest friends can crash like a billionaire on Necker Island, developed by Richard Branson. All meals are included for guests in the nine 74-hectare retirement homes of the British Virgin Islands. Bookings made with Airbnb or other booking sites directly managing payments also follow their policies and rules if they are not in contradiction with this Agreement. In cases where conflicts may arise, the parties now agree that this agreement predominates in the dispute settlement. Customers are informed of the most important safety measures to respond in a timely manner to hazards and fires. Fire extinguishers are available to guests in different parts of the complex to extinguish fires where possible.

Customers will become familiar with their use by the manager. Upon arrival at the Resort, valid identity documents must be provided for all guests required for check-in, as required by the legislation in force in Italy and, in particular, in the city of Ostuni in the territory of which the complex is located. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes a serious violation of this agreement and local rules and may lead to a refusal to house a group of guests who refuse to provide one or more documents. Our customers` data is processed in accordance with current data protection legislation. We recommend sending copies of the documents before arrival by email to shorten the reception formalities. The acquisition continues to consolidate Airbnb`s new identity as a full-service travel agency, a pivot that is becoming increasingly important given the legal challenges for its core product. The company is booming when its valuation has increased to more than $30 billion. Last year, travel agencies American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel and Carlson Wagonlit Travel began offering Airbnb offers to business travelers. In November, it unveiled trips, its market place for everything outside of accommodation: day trips of locals, audio hikes, restaurant and booking concert tickets. It also plans to offer flight bookings on its website and has already partnered with airline loyalty programs.

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