Bookkeeping Service Agreement Sample

The contract automatically expires when the professional contract reaches the end date or if you or the client decides to terminate the contract before the end date for breach of part of the contract. Because you work as an accountant or accountant with financial information, you should include access and authorization to client databases in your accounting model. It is also good that you mention that the accuracy of the financial data available is your client`s full responsibility. As you can see, an accounting service contract is a must for all accounting service bookings. Accounting is a time-consuming and hard-working task, so it`s fair to make sure that you and your interests remain protected. If your accounting services involve using software to record or process transactions or perform other tasks, you can use your client`s software (i.e. software owned by your client or authorized by a third party) or your own software (i.e. software that belongs to you or is authorized by a third party). If you are using such software, we advise you to advise you on any additional arrangements that you may need to insert into Schedule 4 (or elsewhere in the model) or other steps you will need to take to ensure that your use of the Software is not responsible for the software provider or any other software license or other legal risks or problems.

Although it does some occasional references to the use of accounting software in the execution of accounting tasks, its scope does not extend to the coverage of these software problems. The accounting model should indicate the start date of the project and the expected duration of the project. A project can also be divided into discrete bits and milestones can be assigned on the date to measure progress. In addition to defining services, this section of the accounting contract also contains information on rates for services. It legitimizes your assertion that the customer has agreed to pay a certain amount at a specified price for all the services you provide. Depending on the business model and the type of project, you can charge a flat-rate service fee, hourly rates or monthly retention. The content of an accounting document may vary depending on the amount of work it covers.

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