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To this end, companies must enter into written agreements with all parties, businesses, individuals, investigators, CROs, patient support organizations, toxin control centres (when used for AEs registration), telephone call centres and other business partners who receive the security data a company needs. This also applies to all companies listed on labelling, such as distributors, manufacturers, partners, etc. These agreements are referred to as “security data exchange agreements” (SDEAs). They are requested and verified by the FDA and other health authorities during inspections. In many companies, the legal department knows all the partners involved in the marketing of companies` products. In large companies that sell hundreds of drugs in more than a hundred countries, there can be tens of thousands of such contracts! This was certainly the case in one of the large companies where I worked for many years. We have had more than 10,000 contracts in approximately 110 countries around the world. Maybe there`s a database with them. You can live in several places around the world and many are not in English. In my experience, legal services are happy to help with drug safety with ADES, but they often know nothing about all the contracts that exist in the world. Sometimes the financial department is better informed of all agreements around the world, because they have to send and receive money! The DS/PV team should constantly inform the rest of the company of the presence of SDEAs in order to protect the company and public health. A written programming or procedural document must be signed at the highest level, which requires all divisions that may see security problems to have mechanisms for ADES and the obtaining and handling of security issues. Security Data Exchange Agreements (ADSs) are legal contracts that ensure that all security data relating to a licensed product is promptly and reliably returned to the holder of the Marketing Authorization (MAH) so that they can meet their legal obligations to aggregate security data and security reporting in a timely manner.

Companies must have security exchange agreements in order to fully comply with the rules. The inflow and management of this security information is governed by security data exchange agreements (ADSs) and is a legal requirement in all cases where security data can be received by third parties, not by the licensee.

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