Forward Sale And Purchase Agreement

In addition, the typical security package includes the allocation of rental income, receivables arising from the sale contract, property management contracts, insurance and contracting contracts. Bank accounts and shares or interest are credited to the finance bank. The asset manager should enter into a mandatory care contract. Establishment of the sales contract – Safeguarding termination scenarios Design of the sales contract – Buyer`s option to conclude the project itself/assume the contracts/termination rights 1. If the company opts for a physical settlement, it exercises the right to sell shares to the futures buyer at the contracted purchase price. The buyer at the front then uses these shares to close his credit position. Take the following example of a futures contract. Suppose an agricultural producer has two million woods of corn for sale in six months and is concerned about a possible drop in maize prices. It therefore enters into an advance contract with its financial institution for the sale of two million woods of maize at a price of USD 4.30 per bushel in six months, with liquidation to be done in cash. The futures market is huge, as many of the world`s largest companies use it to hedge foreign exchange and interest rate risks. But since the details of futures contracts are limited to the buyer and seller – and the public does not know – the size of this market is difficult to estimate. The inclusion of a forward component as part of an equity strategy allows REITs to ensure that the capital requirements resulting from a potential investment will not only be financed, but also that the revenue requirements correspond to the date of issuance of the shares.

In order to avoid market uncertainties, mitigate equity dilution and gain flexibility, REITs may consider adding sales contracts to their overall capital plan in the future. The starting point for the proper design and structure of sales contracts is always a thorough legal, fiscal, economic and technical diligence. There are no registration requirements for leases and the lease as such cannot be registered in the land registry. However, form requirements apply. Leases with a fixed term of more than one year must be written, signed by each party and must contain all terms and conditions. If a lease contains a pre-emption right or is part of a sale and lease transaction, it must be certified notarized. Unlike standard futures, a futures contract can be adjusted for a product, amount and delivery date. The raw materials traded can be cereals, precious metals, natural gas, oil or even poultry. Futures contracts can be settled on a cash or delivery basis. Therefore, a basic tax in favour of the buyer is normally recorded in the land register of the object of purchase. This basic tax should allow the buyer to realize the property and thus recover as much as possible the tranches paid.

In this regard, the buyer`s basic tax is very important, including with respect to any existing (partial) basic financing commission for the seller`s financing bank. In such cases, it may be important for the purchaser to have the opportunity to terminate the employment contract component of the sales contract; Triggering the transfer of ownership and, upon request, the assumption of the agreement or construction contracts of the general contractor by the gradual repayment of the present value of the project – if not still by the tranches – and the completion of the construction itself with the withheld portion of the purchase price. As a general rule, the lessor must pay for the maintenance and repair of the frequently used land, unless no other agreement has been reached in the lease. For commercial leases, these costs are generally borne by tenants in proportion to their rental space and are generally limited to 5-10% of annual net rent.

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