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Treatment: preparation of a mortgage application and supporting documents for review by a lender. The following terms and definitions are intended to give a simple and informal meaning to words and phrases that may not be familiar to you on our site. The specific meaning of a concept or expression depends on where and how it is used, since relevant documents, including signed agreements, customer information, internal programming manuals and industry use, control meaning in a given context. The following terms and definitions have no binding effect on contracts or other transactions with us. Your employees for campus accommodation programs or Office of Loan Programs staff are happy to answer any specific questions you have. Eligibility certificate: a form signed by the campus representative attesting that the applicant is eligible for participation in the program and the amount of the loan allowance. Also known as the OLP-30 form. Credit/Value Ratio (LTV): The ratio between the principal balance of a mortgage and the value of the secured property, determined by the purchase price or value assessed, based on the lowest value. The length of a loan affects your monthly payment and the total cost of your interest. A long-term credit means that you pay less each month in principle, because the total amount you borrowed is broken down over more months, so it may be tempting to choose one with the longest available duration. But in the longer term, this also leads to an increase in interest charges over the life of this loan. Origination Mortgage Program (MOP): MOP was established in 1984 by the regents of the University of California and used funds from the unlimited portion of the university`s Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP) to provide faculties and senior management group members with a first trust loan of up to 30 years. The program offers loans of up to 80% to 90% of the value, depending on the size of the loan, with the initial interest rate equal to the average average rate of four-quarters of salary in the University of California`s short term investment pool (STIP), plus an administrative cost component of 0.25%, subject to the current minimum interest rate.

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