Celebrant Service Agreement

3. Immediately inform the celebrant of any changes to the time, date or location of the ceremony. The celebrant reserves the right to terminate the contract and maintain the booking fee if he cannot perform the ceremony due to the change of date, time or location. The celebrant will discuss whether other funds already paid at the time of notification of a change in the ceremony, date and/or location will be refunded. To meet these requirements, it also means that you, the couple who is getting married, must fulfill certain obligations. The most obvious are to give the Memorandum of Understanding on the proposed marriage with a period of at least one month to comply with the legal obligation of marriage, the provision of identification, birth certificate and/or other legal documents for consultation by the celebrant upon request. What happens if I am seriously ill or unable to attend your ceremony? While this is very rare, your celebrant can sometimes get sick, have an accident or have another problem, which means they are not able to fulfill their obligation to make your marriage. After all, celebrants are also human beings. In such circumstances, your celebrant will usually make sure that everything is done to find a surrogate celebrant. (Source: celebrations.org.au) There are other conditions that may be required of you, including signing my service contracts. This is this; A booking/deposit fee of $200 This reserves a specific date and time for the couple. Once the booking was made, you secured me as a celebrant. I would not be able to accept other bookings for your booked date and time, these fees are usually not refunded.

It is only in exumenting circumstances that I can consider your claims. All applications must be submitted in writing. Start of the ceremony If your ceremony is delayed beyond 20 minutes, I am entitled to continue my next engagement (if any). An additional $150 per hour, with a minimum of one hour, is charged as soon as the ceremony is too late beyond 30 minutes of the scheduled time. If so, I will do my best to return later to the reception to conclude the marriage. This is also calculated on an hourly rate of 150 USD with a minimum of one hour. Additional fees must be paid by credit card or cash the day before the ceremony can continue. I will not accept a transfer of NOIM at a late date. Plan your day and allow plenty of time for things to go wrong or last longer than expected. Better to be safe than sad. Remaining tax balance Your last payment is payable IN FULL 2 weeks before the wedding day.

We can`t accept checks. Direct payment and credit cards can be used for payment. If this payment is not made, it may lead to the termination of my services and I reserve the right to terminate our service contract. 3.5. If Josh Withers is unable to arrange the ceremony in accordance with this contract, for any reason, including due to an unanticipated accident and/or injury, Josh Withers will advise the couple as soon as possible and arrange for another celebrant to organize the ceremony. Defines terms and conditions and service agreements between the celebrant and the couple (client) for the provision of services, payment of fees and compliance with the requirements of the Marriage Act 1961 (Law) and the 1963 matrimonial regime (Ordinances) for marriages or marriage ceremonies and statutory requirements. I am working in accordance with the responsibilities of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011. After signing your service contract with me, I reserve the right to make a visit on site. If I feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable at your chosen location, I reserve the right to revoke our contract. The parties are committed to maintaining the services of Josh Withers as their celebrant under the following terms and conditions: 6.

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